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The wiki about Fundamentalisma and surrounding storylines in the NOIRverse, this is currently very incomplete.


Fundamentalisma is a non-existant graphic novel/tv-show, which depicts the life of Phlip Phobia, a young Indonesian boy who obtained the greatest superpower of all: the power to break all forms of logic and fuel his ambitions the only way he knows how: destroying the competition.

The story was conceived by Dutch self-proclaimed visionary Philip Haar, written around an original character which was once also an unoriginal character on a sprite based animation forum called Maplemation in 2012. It was when Philip and a handfull of other people formed a group named NOIR in order to bring life to their writing in a bundle of creativity, that Philip has started rounding up the story in full detail in a more realistic setting.

To this day it is incomplete.

Latest activity

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